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Words from My Clients

I took a drum intro class with Chris. It was an incredible class, extremely well structured and instructive. Probably one of the best intro-type classes I've ever had in my life. By the end of it, I had mastered a very foundational signature beat and learned a ton about drumming as a craft and about how it fits within the broader context of a piece of music. I walked out feeling very inspired. Chris is an excellent teacher and his passion for music is contagious. I can't wait to pick up drumming again and learn more from him.

-Valentine D.

My drum skills have seriously skyrocketed with Chris as my teacher. He is so clear, patient & supportive in his instructions, and knowledgeable about unique methods & exercises that super-speed learning that most teachers aren’t using. In just one year I’m playing advanced songs & rhythms, gigging around NYC, and jamming with seasoned musicians that think I’ve been playing for years! Thanks, Chris!! 5 stars

-Austin M.

Chris is so much more than a talented drum instructor! He prides himself with an outstanding ability to tap into each individuals way of learning, to work with you to reach your goals and he will do it with encouragement and patience. An outstanding person who truly loves to teach, always happy to share his knowledge of music, and will get you where you want to go. Please don’t even hesitate to take lessons with Chris, you’ll be a much more accomplished drummer for having spent time with him!

-Charlotte D.

My son had the absolute pleasure of learning from Chris, an exceptional drum instructor, and I can't recommend him enough! From the first day, it was evident that Chris possessed not only incredible talent but also a genuine passion for teaching.
One of the things that impressed me the most was Chris's ability to tailor the lessons to suit his student's individual needs and goals. He takes the time to understand his students skill level, musical preferences, and aspirations, allowing him to create a personalized curriculum that keeps his students engaged and motivated throughout the learning process.
I also appreciated Chris's professionalism,maturity and reliability. He is always well-prepared for each lesson, arriving with a structured plan and providing valuable resources to practice between sessions.
In conclusion, I am immensely grateful for the incredible journey my son had with Chris. If you're seeking a passionate, patient, and highly skilled drum instructor who can bring out the best in you, look no further.

-Myndie P.

Chris is the best music instructor you can ever find! His passion for music is contagious, and his skill as a teacher is unmatched. He tailors the lessons to meet the specific goals and breaks down complex techniques effortlessly, making drumming accessible to all levels. It's never stressful when you're learning from him, but you'll find yourself progress significantly after each lesson because he not only makes sure that you understand the concepts, but also ensures that you're having a fun time during the lesson. He has been really inspiring to my music journey and he creates this supportive environment for me to explore my potential in the music. Learning from Chris is an enriching journey that I highly recommend!!!

-Clementine T.

Chris Veliz was my first drum instructor at School of Rock in Miami, FL. Chris is detailed and emphasizes the use of technique in your playing, something that I don't see instructors teaching their students as often. When learning songs he helps out with writing out the full structure and actually counts with you. Going into detail on every Verse, Chorus, Bridge, and drum fill. He the reason why I am studying music and decided I want to make a career in the music industry. Please take a lesson with him! You will not regret it!

-Andrew A.

Chris was one of the first drum teachers I ever had. Not only was he a phenomenal educator but also made 8 year old me want to keep learning and playing. His flexibility and passion for music was truly encouraging and was what expanded my learning when it came to music as a whole. Whether it be analyzing song structures or learning various fills through listening, all of my questions were always ready to be answered. I still remember looking forward to every School of Rock lesson, excited to continue learning not just the instrument but being a better musician altogether. Anyone in New York is lucky to be able to have lessons with him as he is one of the most patient and supporting teachers I've ever had.

-Luna Z.

Over the course of our band time together, Chris has shown himself to be an exceptional maestro, transforming my musical journey and leaving an indelible mark on my growth as a musician. Without a doubt, he deserves the highest praise and is a great musician and educator. He possess a wealth of musical knowledge and skills( Drum, Guitar, Bass, Singing etc). Choose Chris and start your great music journey!!!!!!

-Jiani X.

Chris is a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher, he creates an environment that is welcoming and accepting to all. He is willing to work with you no matter your skill level and really helps you learn your instrument, and honestly is someone who will make you want to pursue music further. I couldn’t recommend him as a teacher enough!!

-Natty P.

Chris is a phenomenal music instructor. My son took drum lessons with him for over 7 years. He is knowledgeable of all things music: reading it, playing it, teaching it, history and theory. Plus, he’s the nicest guy. He makes connections with his students and builds genuine relationships with them. Our family loves Chris. If you are thinking of taking lessons with him, DO IT, you won’t regret it.

-Miriam B.

Chris Veliz is an amazing instructor. I had him for a very long time and i’ve benefited greatly from him. He helped me with my musical passion, to college auditions, overall my understanding of the musical world. I highly recommend Chris, he plays multiple instruments and also is very good at teaching music theory as well. 👍

-Rubin H.

Chris was my teacher since I was 9 years old and he showed me how to play the drums and he did it in a way where I learned so fast and still remember it years later. He is a killer musician and a killer teacher!!! Don’t pass up the chance to have him as a teacher, he rocks🤘

-Jazzy R.

Chris was my band instructor and he is super passionate about music and sharing his experience and knowledge. He is more than an instructor or a teacher. His dedication to his craft is unparalleled and it radiates through every lesson, rehearsal and performance. His knowledge and expertise in rock and music is remarkable!!!

-Jordan P.

Chris is not just a phenomenal drummer and musician, but an outstanding teacher. He'll take things at your place, encouraging and gently nudging you closer to your goals. Can't think of a better teacher to take an aspiring musician and help them grow into a rockstar!

-Arianne A.

Chris was my first drum teacher ever and is one of the best I’ve had. He’s great with all levels of proficiency and all ages, and he’s full of useful knowledge and experience that every drummer needs to know.

-Giselle B.

I really enjoyed my lesson with Chris! He is so knowledgeable about drum and teaching that he could point out moments that you need to pay attention easily. Mostly importantly, you get all the skill and knowledge with fun. Highly recommend.

-Xin T.

Chris has a unique and very effective personal methodology for teaching drums. I felt very comfortable making mistakes and improving at my own pace within the lesson.

-Adam S.

I’ve never had a better drum teacher than Chris. He makes everything clear, concise, easy to learn, but most importantly FUN. Always looked forward to seeing him every week to learn something new.

-Alex M.

Chris is an extremely talented and dedicated teacher. I learned and gained a lot of musicality and professionalism under his mentorship. He is a very patient and skilled teacher and I could not recommend him any more!

-Cecilia R.

As a beginner drummer Chris has been absolutely amazing at teaching me the foundation of drumming to where I know have the confidence to build off of and grow into a real performer. Highly recommend!!

-Caroline H.

Professional, Passionate, and Proactive. You can learn what you want, and beyond.

-Louis G.

Chris gave me a solid foundation to drumming that I'm still using today. He's a very hard-working and skilled musician and teacher, and I highly recommend you study with him.

-Christopher R.

Started with no previous knowledge and Chris has helped me become a better all around musician. Patient and helpful.

-Hannah W.

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