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1-Hour Trial Lesson

I offer a $50 1-Hour Trial Lesson to give you an opportunity to see my teaching style for yourself and determine if you want to get started with regular lessons. I commute to wherever is convenient for you,  whether it be at home or at a local New York Rehearsal Studio. Send a text, call, or e-mail my way and we can find the best fit for your location and schedule.

Should you sign up for regular lessons, we'll find a weekly time that works best for our hour-long lesson at the most convenient location and discuss pricing. I'm happy to do what I can to make these lessons affordable. I charge a flat rate on the 1st of the month on Zelle or Venmo. This price will stay the same even if you end up with an extra 5th lesson some months. I always make sure my students receive all the lessons they pay for. Let's get in contact and start playing some music!


(305) 414-1357


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I have a deal with Funkadelic Studios in Times Square giving my students a discount on hosting my lessons there! Let me know where you would like to meet.

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I'll be happy to discuss pricing and any other questions you may have.

We'll be in touch!

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