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New York City Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons offered in Manhattan, New York. I can commute to wherever you'd like to have the lessons, whether that is your place or at a local rehearsal studio.

Check out Funkadelic Studios in Times Square where my students are offered a discounted rate of $15 per hour to host lessons with me before 6pm.

Contact for rehearsal studio recommendations

and $50 1-Hour Trial Drum Lesson.

​Drum Lessons from a
Creative Perspective


Drum Lessons that are focused on creativity, improvisation, and composition. Learn how the great drummers you listen to create the drum parts you love, and start to understand how to make your own! Develop your own style and learn how to actually be a drummer and not just copy one.


Play Songs Together

Learn songs and play with me on guitar or bass. Get a chance to practice what it feels like to play with other musicians and not just to a track. 

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Blurry Drops

Mindfulness in Music

Drumming is a lot like meditation – while playing, we’ll focus on achieving a state of flow that will benefit your life beyond your drumming! Learn patience with yourself and learn to accept mistakes. You'll find that when you do, they stop happening!

Drum & Symbol

Drum Beats

Develop limb independence to play and improvise all kinds of drum beats in different feels, styles, and time signatures. Focus on using your ear to know exactly what you want to play. 


Drum Fills

Learn the art of playing fun and exciting drum fills without overplaying. Overcome any fears of improvising and create a style all your own!

Spinning Record

Song Forms

We'll talk all about how songs are structured. Learn the 'secrets' of learning an entire setlist's worth of songs along with all their details with no problem!

Don't know what any of this means?

It's my job to make sure it all makes perfect sense to you!


I have a deal with Funkadelic Studios in Times Square giving my students a discount on hosting my lessons there! Let me know where you would like to meet.

When are you usually free to have lessons?

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I'll be happy to discuss pricing and any other questions you may have.

We'll be in touch!

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